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West Ada School District Negotiated Agreement

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West Ada School District Negotiated Agreement

Madsen and Joki were first elected to the Board of Directors on May 19, 2015. Madsen defeated incumbent Anne Ritter for her seat, and Joki won an open seat or election in which the incumbent is not seeking re-election. Sit against three other challengers. Their resignation meant that new board members were appointed, not elected. Vuittonet was re-elected in the same election for his fifth term on the Board of Directors. All three were expected to be in service by 2019, but only Vuittonet remained on the board as of April 2016. Dean and Sayles were elected in 2013. Their deadlines would have expired in 2017 if they had not been recalled. [22] [29] [30] [31] Check out Idaho Education News Wednesday morning for full coverage of Tuesday night`s school committee meeting. West Ada is the state`s largest enrollment-based school district, serving more than 38,000 K-12 students.

At a press conference to announce his resignation, Clark said, “During an executive session, one director said, `If you want to keep your inheritance, you`d better get an exit strategy,` and another director said, `I want you to be gone now. His lawyer worked with the school board`s lawyer before his announcement to find a solution. Clark said that was no longer possible after the council`s last offer. “For a pittance, the board would require me to `play well` for the next two weeks and then retire the day after giving birth,” Clark said. She said she did not want to resign before the tax vote on November 3, 2015, but the offer changed her mind. “I refuse to be dishonest with the community for a few thousand dollars,” Clark said. [7] Roberts goes on to explain that the use of sick leave, when an employee is not ill, may be contrary to the school authority`s guidelines for abuse of leave. It may also violate Idaho`s Code of Ethics for Professional Educators. And it could even threaten West Adas` ability to participate in the Ida Public Withdrawal System (PERSI), which runs unused sick leave pools, Roberts said.

Some feared that the tax would not be passed due to two recall efforts against school board members and conflicts between the board of directors and the former superintendent. . . .

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