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Japan Peru Free Trade Agreement

  • 24

Japan Peru Free Trade Agreement

(5) Telecommunications services: ensuring equitable access to telecommunications infrastructure, number portability, processing by large providers, etc., for service providers from the other signatory State. (6) Entry and temporary stay of a person for business purposes: rules on the authorisation of entry and temporary stay of persons from the other signatory State for commercial purposes, simplification of conditions and procedures and improvement of transparency. (7) Intellectual property rights: ensuring adequate, effective and non-discriminatory protection of intellectual property rights, well beyond the WTO level of commitment. (8) Improvement of the business environment: provisions to improve the business environment, establishment of a subcommittee, designation of the liaison office, etc.9. Cooperation: bilateral cooperation in 8 areas (promotion of trade and investment, industry, fisheries, science and technology and environment, information and communication technologies, tourism, agriculture, transport and other areas by mutual agreement between the Contracting Parties). On April 28, 2009, the Chinese and Peruvian authorities signed the China-Peru Free Trade Agreement in the presence of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and Peruvian Vice President Luis Giampietri Rojas. . . .

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