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Gard Free Pass Agreement

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Gard Free Pass Agreement

A standard LOF is used in most situations where a ship is in danger and needs rescue services. However, some operators choose to enter into “ancillary agreements” or “ancillary couriers” with a salvore. These special conditions could then modify the conditions of the LOF and/or the SCOPIC. With the most modern optics and LED technology, the haze-gard i provides unprecedented power. Transparent products may have a milky or fuzzy appearance depending on their light litter behavior. The Haze-gard i quantifies visual perception with objective measurement criteria: operators must also bear in mind that Lloyd`s Salvage Arbitration Branch (SAB) must notify and extend these ancillary agreements of the Salvor with a copy. The SAB will then endeavor to inform all parties concerned of the existence of an ancillary agreement, but will not disclose its contents. Horizontal or vertical structure: the use of the sample in all positions is comfortable and allows you maximum flexibility. The large touchscreen is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for every task, including statistics and colorful pass/fail analysis.

A dedicated measuring button and a foot switch allow for fast and regular hands-free use. The haze-gard i controls complete transparency according to international standard methods and displays all results at the same time – perfectly prepared for each customer specification: reference radius, self-diagnosis and closed optics ensure accurate and reliable measurement values. The LED light source guarantees stable long-term results for many years: 10 years warranty on the life of the lamp! Long-term automatic calibration – superior repeatability and match between instruments are guaranteed. With the measuring box open, you can work freely to analyze each sample size. Quickly change and position small and large samples. Depending on the sampling material, we have developed different supports for thin layers, plates, liquids, taber abrasion samples that can be easily mounted on the pre-installed rail. The haze-gard i comes with a precision guidance sled that allows for simple replacement of different supports. Different sample supports are available for plates, sheets or very thin layers. Other options are a support for the tabereb test and a Küvetten table for liquid measurement. Custom sample holders can also be easily installed.

The innovative lighting of the Dunst-Gard i with a long-term stable LED allows for unassying measurements of ambient light. Do you need to check the abrasion resistance of your products? Gard advises operators: “By changing the terms of a standard LOF and SCOPIC, this may result in a change in contractual liabilities and risk allocation. If and to the extent that such a modification increases the liabilities or remuneration to be paid by the operator in respect of the rescue beyond what would have been the case under a standard LOF with SCOPIC conditions, if such modifications had not been agreed, the association shall not cover such debts or increased remuneration, unless it has been previously consulted and approved on the amendments. “Here you will find an example of measuring opacity with a taber wheel or wiper for car glasses.. . .

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