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Tris Violate An Agreement

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Tris Violate An Agreement

This is a legally binding agreement between you and TurboSquid regarding the use of the website for the publication of user-generated content upon purchase. “It” refers to the publishing company, whether it is a natural person (who must be at least 18 years old) or a legal entity. This agreement contains by referring to the turboSquid 3D Model license, TurboSquid Royalty Free License, PixelSquid Royalty Free License and terms of use, as well as the policies and procedures of the website as such that are made available on the site. TurboSquid may terminate this contract and your membership account for a violation of this Agreement or another Agreement included by reference, including The TurboSquid Guidelines, which are valued at its sole discretion by TurboSquid. 10. You execute written or electronic documents to TurboSquid at TurboSquid`s reasoned request to reflect TurboSquid`s rights under this Agreement. d. Premium Custom License. TurboSquid can license Stock Media products to companies that use custom licenses in exchange for special prices and other custom terms.

These agreements and associated prices are entered into individually with these companies on the basis of TurboSquid`s reasonable commercial judgment. “StemCell” is a program that provides the technology for file conversion and 3D file portability. All Stock Media products submitted under the StemCell program are subject to all additional conditions specified in this contract. . “Include,” “including” and “how” are considered “but not limited to” In this agreement, examples are used to illustrate the scope of the terms rather than restricting them. ii. The end of participation in the exclusive royalty program. You can end your participation in the exclusive royalty program by informing TurboSquid in writing 30 days in advance, by going to our support page, by clicking “Open a support ticket” and by telling TurboSquid in the ticket that you wish to complete your participation in the exclusive royalty program. During the notice period (the remaining 30 days), you should continue to list only your user-created content with TurboSquid.

TurboSquid reserves the right to unilaterally terminate your participation in the exclusive royalty program if it violates this Agreement or Terms of Use, as is the case at The full discretion of TurboSquid. After you end your participation in the exclusive royalty program, your licence percentage will be reduced to the corresponding share of royalties in the non-exclusive Royalty program. 3. Re-grant a license to the customer after the license transfer. In order to process additional purchases of a Stock Media product to a previous customer, which is no longer available on the website if the following conditions are met: (a) there was an earlier purchase of the Stock Media product to the customer; (b) the customer does not need digital files, but only an additional license; (c) the customer transferred the original license to another party (for example. B a customer`s customer) and the customer needs another license for the Stock Media product in order to comply with the law; and (d) the Stock Media product is not software sold under a Premium Client License. In such a case (a “re-license” each), the purchase will be made under the same licensing conditions and the price of the product as at the time of the last purchase of the Stock Media product by the customer. TurboSquid will notify you of such a re-licence and waive the commissions paid to TurboSquid, while re- termating the amounts that are otherwise required for taxes and other similar obligations. This right survives the termination of this contract and, in the event of a new licence after the termination of this contract, TurboSquid will make economically reasonable efforts to inform you of the resilience and facilitate your payment with the amount of the license to which you were entitled at the time of termination. Subject to the exception in this section, TurboSquid`s right to license such a Stock Media product expires if you remove a Stock Media product from the site.

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