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Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement

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Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement

In addition to funding, the 6CPA also provided for the continuation of pharmacy location rules that prevent pharmacies from opening near existing pharmacies or in supermarkets. In light of a March 2015 report by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) which criticised aspects relating to the negotiation and management of the Fifth Community Agreement on Pharmacies, the 6CPA provided for an independent review of the remuneration and regulation of pharmacies. The audit body agreed whether the fee paid to pharmacists should be based on the average cost of dispensing good practice in a pharmacy or whether the fee should continue to be agreed between the guild and the government (pp. 15-16). The government`s response to the revision appears to favour the latter option and notes that any agreed fee should ensure a viable community pharmacy sector while ensuring that pbS remains affordable (p. 20). The CPA provides direct financial assistance ($950 million) to certain pharmaceutical wholesalers for the additional costs they may incur for the supply of the full range of PBS drugs. This ensures that the entire range is available, regardless of the location of the pharmacy and the relative cost of delivery. It also helps ensure that low-volume PBS drugs, often very expensive, are delivered within 24 hours to community pharmacies across Australia. It is also not uncommon for parliamentary committees to examine aspects of local pharmacy agreements. Thus, in 2015, the Joint Committee on Public Accounts and Statutory Audit re-examined the above-mentioned ANAO report on the fifth Community Convention on Pharmacies. In Australia, you can only own a pharmacy if you are a qualified pharmacist. Representatives of the licensed pharmacies in “Section 90″ are therefore pharmacist owners and the Pharmaceutical Guild is their professional organization.

Negotiations on the Seventh Community Agreement on Pharmacies (7CPA) started in 2019. The government originally intended to conclude the negotiations by the end of 2019, but these will continue until 2020. In addition to the guild, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (which represents all pharmacists, not just pharmacy owners) will be a co-signatory to the 7CPA. The Ministry of Health has also consulted with a number of other consumer, pharmaceutical and medical interest groups on political and financial considerations for the 7CPA, although these stakeholders are not signatories to the agreement. . . .

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