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Erasmus Upatras Agreements

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Erasmus Upatras Agreements

Students should then enroll in their services to acquire the rights of all students. University of Patras International Relations Office (IRO) Administration Building University Campus 265 04 Patras, Greece Τέλέές φροντοον ιια τηη σση τσησαασσασαασ ασαστκκο τορρααομικκάρρα περραμικς περαλλάσοη. LLP/Erasmus supports two types of student mobility: the three necessary documents – the application forms to the University of Patras under the Erasmus programme for studies, provided that there is a bilateral agreement -: students have three accommodation options, with the corresponding fees: Erasmus students from third countries benefit from special conditions of entry into the country. Πανειισμιιο Πατρibid: Προκρρηη h ERASMUS+ για σππουδδέΈΕΡΡ 2018-2019 For more information, please contact the International Relation Office. The payment of the second instalment (20%) of the scholarship is paid to beneficiaries upon their return, provided that they meet the conditions for reimbursement, have fulfilled their obligations in good time and have provided the following supporting documents: students of the University of Patras can apply to participate in the ERASMUS+ programme to study for the following academic year 2018-2019. Duration of application: 19/02 – 05/03/2018 The University of Patras participates in the Erasmus+, and has conducted c. 200 bilateral agreements with higher education institutions all over Europe that facilitates the mobility of students, teaching and administratif staff. Undergraduate courses in English are available in Primary Education and in the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education. .

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