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Acadia Agreement Manager

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Acadia Agreement Manager

Using intelligent technology, AgreementManager learns the physical representation of legal and operational data that has been written into multiple types of contracts and then converts it into standardized digital records. It can be complex, time-consuming and expensive to negotiate, scan, record, generate and manage data. The industry-developed agreementManager for the industry significantly reduces the time and labor burden for accurately maintaining an efficient repository of agreement data by introducing a common standard workflow. Agree, share, and control agreement templates generated by the user community and its customers. Use models in confidence that they use best practices and market standards. “The integration of Margin Xchange™ IHS Markit to automate and structure complex margin and filing agreements and to store contract data with AcadiaSoft brings together all the components needed to process straight-throughout Margin`s lifecycle,” said Darren Thomas, General Manager, Regularization and Compliance at IHS Markit. “Customers will be able to manage the margin cycle holistically, from closing the contract to calculating margins to invoicing with greater ease and efficiency.” “Last March`s VM-Big Bang-Go-Live highlighted two important weaknesses in the industry,” said Richard Barton, product manager for AcadiaSoft Agreement Manager. “First, it took too long to negotiate new legal agreements between companies and, second, it took too long to implement them operationally after the agreements were concluded. By storing data in the Hub and releasing it in a standardized way, AcadiaSoft will support the customer option, vendor selection, and the introduction of market-wide automated solutions. The reciprocal data exchange between IHS Markit and AcadiaSoft will unify and automate the know-how of both companies, such as the technology platforms that manage the margin, each other`s source data. The main margin and deposit contractual terms generated by IHS Markit will be transmitted to AcadiaSoft`s Agreement Manager and the risk sensitivities calculated by IHS Markit will go to the initial Margin Exposure Manager, which is part of the AcadiaSoft Hub.

In return, AcadiaSoft`s margin voting data is transmitted to users of IHS Markit`s initial margin calculation and collateral services. Norwell, MA, 11 years old. July 2018 – AcadiaSoft, Inc., the leading provider of margin automation solutions for counterparties active worldwide in collateral management, today announced a new initiative, Den Agreement Manager, which will create industry-wide data storage for legal and operational information on collateral agreements for OTC derivatives. Laura Craft +44 20 3954 0196 laura.craft@acadiasoft.com A new AcadiaSoft lifting service, the agreement manager, will cross-check, store and exchange ISDA variant (VM) and Initial Margin (IM) details as well as account control agreements between commercial parties and custodian banks…

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