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Work Agreement Canvas

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Work Agreement Canvas

If I share my story, I hope it will inspire others to realize that the process of creating work agreements has uncovered opportunities for collaboration and guidance that have helped a distributed team deliver better value. Please note that if I cannot disclose the name of the company, I can only report that it is a financial services company based in Texas. The names of all parties have been changed to protect privacy. My first experience in team launch came while I was working alongside Joe Justice. He taught me everything about building a team, creating a work agreement and get on the right foot. Since then, I`ve created dozens of teams and I`ve constantly optimized the process to make it better over time. If you get into an activity like this, and it works, the results are amazing and ingenious. I`ve seen teams transform completely from the inside, where team members are happier, more productive and more efficient. Everyone wins in this situation.

It is recommended that Canvas`s teamwork session be repeated when each new member joins the team. Now that the team felt better familiar with each other, they were more able to communicate and exchange ideas to improve. Over the next iteration, more and more barriers arose as confidence improved. The team met several times to propose improvements. At that time, everyone was getting used to working together, and we were all thrilled because we felt like it was an opportunity for the team to reinvent itself. We now had to discuss how to change our work and communication styles, meeting schedules, etc., to accommodate most, if not all, of our teams. The idea of using scrum values to facilitate the idea has become our main concern. The team felt that the inclusion of Scrum`s values would help them perform. I didn`t want to contradict that! We have ensured that we use focus, openness, respect, courage and commitment as thinkers to move forward with all subsequent meetings.

Hey, guys, our work has been a little bit blurry lately, and I thought we could spend some time clearing things up and going the same way. There is a good tool for him called Team Canvas, which can help us, aligned and a little more structured than the team. What do you say if we use it for an orientation session? Before using the web, make sure all team members are involved. You may want to take a leadership role and offer the tool to your team. Here are some ways to introduce the framework: in the following iteration, I thought deeply and hard about how I could have changed the game in the previous retrospective to improve confidence. I remembered the five dysfunctions of a Patrick Lencioni team and how this team presented almost all the dysfunctions, from lack of confidence and fear of conflict to inattention to results and lack of commitment. Lencioni says: “The confidence is to know that if a team member pushes you, they do it because they take care of the team.” I needed everyone on the team to feel that they could trust each other and hold each other to account so that their contributions would be important. What I should have done was acknowledge their hard work and create a psychologically safe environment before sharing my observations. So I thought I`d try an experiment to improve the safety of the team and overcome the barriers. I told the team that they should be willing to share something personal with the whole group in our next retrospective. Everyone had two minutes to share family stories, images, recipes, songs, basically everything, as long as it had nothing to do with work! Marginal note: I wrote this article just before the closure of New Zealand.

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