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Virginia Community College Articulation Agreement

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Virginia Community College Articulation Agreement

Articulation agreements are partnerships between institutions that can help ensure that the courses you attend at NOVA are transferred to a university or university. Students must have an associated degree with an average of 3.0 degrees and meet the required financial requirements. The grant is applied to tuition at a four-year college or university in Virginia, either in public or in private. (The scholarship allocates $1,000 to all eligible students, and an additional $1,000 to students working in engineering, mathematics, technology, nursing, teaching or science. an additional $1,000 can be earned for students attending Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, Radford University, University of Virginia – College at Wise Virginia Commonwealth University or Virginia State University.) Plan a visit with your advisor. Be sure to start your maths (based on your curriculum) and writing (composition) sequences as soon as possible, as they are common requirements in most programs. The catalogue of universities and other information and guidance documents of departments and higher education institutions contain information on the additional specific requirements for certain majors. Semester during which students can be transferred under the agreement: The system agreements allow graduate students from one of Virginia`s 23 community colleges with an associated degree and a minimum average of grades to access more than 30 colleges and universities in the community. Copies of the current agreements can be find in the list below. The articulation agreements describe how some curricula have moved to a four-year school within a degree. Students are guaranteed to be admitted to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences after graduating with a minimum AMP degree of 3.0, a signed Memorandum of Understanding and the conclusion of a specific program to meet the essential requirements, in agreement with university advisors appointed within the Virginia College System (VCCS) and Virginia Tech.

Please take note of the details in: All guaranteed admission agreements require that students obtain a transfer associate diploma in order to benefit from the benefits offered by the contract. Note: Some four-year colleges accept certain programs for applied science associate (A.A.S.) and applied arts associates (A.A.A.), but each institution has a different policy. – Dr. Kellie Sorey, Associate Vice President for Academics at Tidewater Community College, who oversees university transfer partnerships A special articulation agreement is available to students who graduate as an associate at Richard Bland College, and who can offer a candidate a means to obtain a guaranteed license for certain Virginia Tech programs. Look at the agreement and specific requirements below, as well as a database that notes all the course equivalencies evaluated between Richard Bland and Virginia Tech: NOVA has transferred articulation agreements with many institutions. These agreements set the transfer conditions for NOVA students who are in related programs of study. They define how courses, programs or entire categories of programs are transferred to another institution and may include hospitality guarantees.

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