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Belt And Road Cooperation Agreements

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Belt And Road Cooperation Agreements

The government, businesses and the international community should cooperate to establish cooperation mechanisms to deny access to corrupt officials and to return assets acquired through corruption. The three sides should make concerted efforts to cut corruption chains and forge lines of defence against corruption. From a Chinese point of view, Africa is important as a market, supplier of raw materials and platform for the development of the new Silk Road – African coasts should be included. In the Kenyan port of Mombasa, China has built a rail and road link to the interior of the country and the capital, Nairobi. Northeast of Mombasa, a large port of 32 berths, including an adjacent industrial area, including infrastructure with new transport corridors for South Sudan and Ethiopia. A modern deep-water port, satellite city, airfield and industrial area are built in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. In the direction of the Mediterranean, the Teda Egypt Special Economic Zone is being built near the Egyptian coastal city of Ain Suchna as a joint Sino-Egyptian project. [70] The B-R countries should promote environmentally friendly development, integrate environmental preservation and green development into economic and trade cooperation, and be a model of green development that complements environmental protection and economic and trade cooperation. We should explore the path of solid development that guarantees growth, a better life and a good environment. We should work together on energy savings and emissions reductions and respond together to climate change. We should formulate and implement measures to support cooperation in environmental protection and intensify efforts to protect and restore our ecosystems.

We should explore and develop green financing by integrating environmental protection and the environment into our modern financial system. More generally, Chinese leaders are determined to restructure the economy to avoid the so-called middle income trap. In this scenario, which has affected nearly 90% of middle-income countries since 1960, wages and quality of life increase as low-skilled production increases, but countries struggle to move towards the production of higher quality goods and services. The framework agreement provides ongoing mechanisms for cooperation and engagement and identifies areas of cooperation within the framework of the BIS agreement. Belt and Road Initiative maintains the principles of broad consultation, joint contribution and common benefits.

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